Resume of Lloyd Kvam

Venix Corp. 802-448-0836
1 Court Street, Suite 378
Lebanon, NH 03766  


To use modern software development approaches such as Test Driven Design to efficiently produce reliable software. To develop core logic in modules that integrate with web sites, databases, spreadsheets, and other tools. Modern languages such as Python promote rapid development of sophisticated systems.


Professional Work History

Web programming for health application
Python application based on Turbogears and SQLAlchemy. Collects data for use by researchers at Dartmouth as well as medical practices. I also provide sysadmin services for their Internet domains including live off-site database backup using MySQL replication.
Software for VT State Parks to support distributed SQL databases

Core Python application uses SQLAlchemy and MySQL to provide POS and reservation processing. A VB based user interface and COM wrapper provide access to the core functions on Windows PCs in the parks. Python web applications use the core directly to implement on-line sales. An innovative "collector" service leverages MySQL replication to share data between the individual parks and central offices. I also provide live off-site backup of databases and web content.

I provided support, bug fixes, and enhancements for an earlier park management package when the original vendor failed. That software had been written in Clipper.

Real Estate MLS scripts to update database and process images
Supports websites branded for individual real estate agencies. Data from various MLS is reorganized to facilitate search and resolve differences in content. Hundreds of thousands of images are collected and processed to suitable resolutions for web page use.
CAN bus device processing
Provided software for manufacturing to flash CAN bus devices, assign serial numbers, and verify that the devices functioned properly. Helped design protocol used to manage and communicate with the devices. I had a limited role as part of a larger team.
Bought Turnpike Technologies and managed its Internet Service operations
Managed transition to 56K dial up modems. Expanded dial up service area to cover most of New Hampshire. Setup POPs to provide DSL service in core markets. Tripled revenue between purchase and sale of company.
Development and support of medical claim processing software
Used Microsoft Access and Jet Engine until expansion forced a migration to an Oracle database. Applied rules based analysis to provide lists of claims requiring review as well as "normal" accounting support. Functioned as lead developer while managing staff and independent contractors.
Supplemented a packaged accounting system to support sized inventory
Used C++ and DOS/Windows memory resident macro processor to integrate sized inventory module into Platinum Accounting software for use by Alpina Sports (a ski industry distributor).
Supported async communications software including enhancements and porting to QNX
Contract programming clients included Legent and Computer Associates. Used C, Unix and communication protocol expertise to assist with development projects to supplement their in-house staff. Users included Marshalls and Dunkin Donuts.
Developed software for coin free video arcades.
A PC (286) printed bar coded tickets. Bar code readers on games reported swipes. Game charge was deducted from ticket and game was activated. Used RS-485 network to manage games.
Ski ticketing software
Assumed responsibility for RecTech software after the firm folded. Provided bug fixes and support to ski areas. Helped developed new ski ticketing software using VB and Access for the New York State Olympic authority.
Thayer School grant tracking application
Developed grant, budget, and expense tracking software for Thayer (Dartmouth Graduate Engineering) School. The initial software was implemented using Dartmouth Basic. A later version was written using Microsoft Access.
Mail order fulfillment software
Wrote CICS Cobol programs for main frame version. Also wrote Cobol programs for Prime mini computer version. Developed the warehouse automation and manifest modules using C and Cobol on Primos. Users included Bloomingdales, J Crew, Chadwicks of Boston. Functioned as senior programmer coordinating overall design and assisting junior developers.
Mainfram file server for PC LANs
Implemented main frame file server in C to interface with PC LANS. Used SMB source as guide to writing equivalent services on mainframe.
Mainframe / PC communications software
Wrote PL/I main frame side of synchronous file transfer software. Adapted the code to support asynchronous communications.

Recent Employers

1998 - present Venix Corp Lebanon, NH


1998 - 2000 Turnpike Technologies Lebanon, NH


1993 - 1997 Preferred Technologies Group Lebanon, NH

VP Systems

Education and Military Service

City College of New York New York, NY

BA Mathematics

US Army Coltano, Italy

Specialist 5th Class
Trained in cryptographic equipment repair. Stationed for two years in Italy. Top Secret Security Clearance.